BRL Coffee Company's "Friends & Family" w/ Bianca Gomez

April 19, 2021

BRL Coffee Company's "Friends & Family" w/ Bianca Gomez

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We’re back with another BRL Friends & Family playlist! This week we are featuring my personal resource for playlists that set a vibe and instantly make you feel cooler! She’s a world traveler, style & home decor guru, and one of my best friends: Bianca Gomez 

Bianca’s playlist is a mix of happy and ethereal songs that put you in a positive mood and make you want to dance!

Check out the conversation we had and get to know the woman behind my Nordstrom shopping addiction.

Name: Bianca Gomez 

Instagram: @beegee

Hometown: Born in Madrid, Spain. Los Angeles, CA is home, but currently residing in Seattle, WA

Occupation: Assortment Planner @ Nordstrom Rack

JM: Bianca, thanks for taking the time to create a BRL F&F playlist! Since I used to spend a lot of time in your kitchen dancing around to your playlists, I’m really excited to spread the word about your curation skills with the rest of the world.

BG: Absolutely! I’m always listening to music and searching for new songs to set a good vibe. I’m glad I get to share that with everyone. 

JM: So to kick us off can you tell us a little about yourself and a little about the music you chose for your playlist?

BG: Well I was born in Madrid, Spain but grew up in L.A. and that’s where I call home. But I actually moved up to Seattle for work so this is where I’ve lived for the past 9 years. And for my F&F playlist I picked songs that are pretty varied in genre, but their common theme is that they’re either happy, ethereal, or just make you want to dance.  I love starting my mornings off with all of those vibes...just puts me in a good headspace to tackle the day. It’s like a personal soundtrack. Each has a unique rhythm, sound, or great lyric that makes me smile and hit repeat.

JM: I hadn’t heard of many of the artists on your playlist and definitely went down a Spotify wormhole afterward adding a bunch of songs from them. So good! You’ve mentioned to me before that you often make playlists for your team at work to help provide motivation and set a positive tone. Can you tell us a little about what you do?

BG: Sure, so I’m an Assortment Planner at Nordstrom. I build the business strategy and help curate an assortment plan for handbags, small leather goods, tech accessories, and travel gear we sell  online and in stores. So sorry, not sorry for your handbag addiction LOL. 

JM: Sounds like a big role that you’d need a good cup of coffee for! How do you usually like to take your coffee?

BG: Coffee is part ritual, part necessity for me.  I have my cup first thing in the morning. I love mine with some steamed almond milk and a pinch of cinnamon.

JM: Yuuum! Have you always been a coffee-drinker? 

BG: Believe it or not I had my first coffee at the age of TWO! I was born in Madrid and over there, coffee (and wine) are really for everyone. My mom would let me have my own “cafe con leche.” I’ve been hooked ever since!

JM: Wow two years old?! No wonder you’re so productive. You’ve been on the grind since you were a toddler LOL! Do you have a favorite childhood memory that includes coffee in some way?

BG: Mostly I remember slow, sleepy weekends where I would enjoy my cafe con leche (coffee with warm milk) and breakfast with my mom and grandma. Usually with some fresh pan dulce. To this day, it’s a practice I still make sure to share with them whenever I have the chance!

JM: Oh man, coffee and a concha. So good! What a nice tradition. And I love that even when you’re doing these things on your own, you have those special memories to connect you with your loved ones. 

BG: 100%! 

JM: Do you have a morning routine you usually do to go along with that?

BG: Somewhere over the last few years, I’ve turned into a morning person. I’m usually awake by 6am and do some morning stretches, maybe get a Peloton ride in, shower, and then it's time for coffee. I usually try and enjoy my first cup with a great playlist to get in a good mood for the day.

JM: What would you say is your favorite thing to do on your days off?

BG: Since my work week is pretty hectic and very planned out, I tend to be more spontaneous when I’m “off the clock”. I try to get outside to enjoy some nature with friends and typically follow it up with cooking a delicious meal and flexing my bartending skills.  I also try and get out on the water as much as possible, especially now that the sun has returned to Seattle after it’s winter hiatus.  You can find me on a kayak or on a boat whenever possible.  

JM: Bringing our chat to a close, I’d love to hear about something you want to do or do more of in 2021.

BG: Dare I state the obvious? Travel! Pre-covid I made sure to travel internationally at least 6 weeks a year.  I’d love to get to Croatia, Rome, and Venice this year if possible. I’m my best self when I’m traveling, learning about a different culture, and fully immersing myself.  I’m planning on adventuring as soon as this second vaccine shot kicks in!

Thank you for sharing, Bianca, and I’m looking forward to inviting myself on these vacations! LOL 

Interview by Jackie Martinez - Contributing Content Creator, Food Instagrammer for @chopwithjax