BRL Coffee Company's "Friends & Family" w/ Jeremy "Milhouse" Po

March 22, 2021

BRL Coffee Company's "Friends & Family" w/ Jeremy "Milhouse" Po

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Our Friends & Family Playlists showcase the musical interests of friends of BRL Coffee Co. These Spotify playlists give the much needed pep in the step to get our contributors' days off to a great start! This week we're excited to feature a playlist from one of BRL founder Neil Jackson's best friends: Jeremy Po

Jeremy's morning playlist is curated with songs that evoke memories of the past and songs he's into right now. He usually listens to music that's a bit more upbeat and with a funk to it and to him, these songs channel that vibe perfectly! He would probably start his morning with this playlist if he was about to go on a run or if he wanted to dance in the shower.
Work that shower shimmy, Jeremy!

Name: Jeremy Po
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Occupation: Design Director for Oyster Holdings & Creative Director for Bluebird Creative Group

 How do you take your coffee? Through trial and error I've realized I enjoy coffee black the most.

What does your morning routine usually look like? I usually check my phone and emails, stretch, run 3-4 miles, and walk our dog Desmond with my wife, Jackie. Then I shower, eat a light breakfast, then drive to work.

When did you start drinking coffee? I started late, around 2007 after I met my wife. I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I enjoy a cup sometimes.  I do like the nuances that coffee has, like wine. 

Do you have a childhood memory that includes coffee in some way? I remember the smell of coffee after church ended when I was a kid. They would have snacks ready and I would always wonder what coffee tasted like because it smelled so good. My parents wouldn’t allow me to drink it since I was so young.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a day off? I love doing food & shopping tours. Checking out restaurants, food trucks and doing some shopping or thrifting around LA. 

What’s something you want to do or do more of in 2021? I want to be able to travel internationally again.
We appreciate you sharing your playlist with us, Jeremy. Here's hoping for more stamps in your passport in 2021!
Interview by Jackie Martinez - Contributing Content Creator, Food Instagrammer for @chopwithjax