The Compilation - Our Full Collection of Coffee


Not sure what's your jam? We've compiled all 4 of BRL's premium, single origin roasts into a sampler set that's perfect for gifting or for your own tasting exploration! 

Each flavor comes in a 4 ounce bag. Enjoy 1 pound total in our compilation set. 


Kiss Of Life - Ethiopia, Light/Medium Roast

Bright berry flavors fuse deliciously with hints of creamy chocolate in this mellow-bodied coffee. Its crisp acidity and lively aromatics will awaken the senses and fuel your inspiration for anything the day holds. This coffee brews to a lighter color but packs a punch. Our favorite way to drink this is black!

 Your Kiss of Life at first sip.

Chanel - Guatemala, Medium Roast

Chanel is a sophisticated blend of flavors that provoke the aroma and taste of cacao nib and ripened stone fruits. Medium-bodied with vibrant acidity, Chanel is the perfect accessory for all of life’s moments.

Spoil yourself daily with Chanel. 

Love$ick - Brazil, Medium Roast (Espresso)

This flavorful espresso is sure to enchant you with its fruity notes that are supremely balanced with buttery caramel. This cozy brew forms a silky crema atop a satisfying medium body that can be enjoyed as a complex espresso shot or an intense drip coffee.

 Love$ick. You can’t be without her.

Closer - Indonesia, Dark Roast

This bold brew showcases the distinctive flavors of dark cocoa and warm spices. Closer boasts a full-bodied coffee with a robust, earthy tone.

Live boldly each day and take one sip Closer to your dreams.